Thursday, March 24, 2016

Holy Week and the Way of Jesus

In Holy Week Jesus confronts us with fundamental questions.

Will we be people of the basin and the towel,
prepared to wash one another's feet
and feet of the world?

Or will we be people of the hammer and nails,
enthralled with the way of separation and violence –
in our hearts,
in our words,
in our actions?

Will we crucify Jesus again and again
as we crucify those he loves,
with whom he identifies,
and for whom he died?

Will we justify our own fingerprints on the hammer and nails
by insisting that others have more?

Or will we take up our cross,
deny ourselves and follow
the One who came not to be served,
but to serve;
the One who insisted that God desires mercy,
not sacrifice;
the One who said love your enemy;
the One who prayed from the cross,
“Father, forgive . . .”?

Will we follow the one who took up the basin and towel
and washed even the feet of those
who would abandon,
deny, and betray him?

Do we really believe in the way of Jesus or not?

Do we really believe in resurrection or not?

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